Sunday, December 21, 2008


Moral of the story... Always check your kids homework. This mom actually works at Home Depot and sells snow shovels :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

... and the ghost of Christmas future...

I've started to realize that Matt posts way more than I do. And his most recent post inspired me...

Christmas to me is more than just Christmas day. Christmas actually starts the first day of December and goes until school starts again in January. If you pay attention the atmosphere of the world changes, people are more aware and concerned for others, they share more readily, and they give without spite. Some say it is the Christmas spirit that has this effect, but I believe it is the Spirit of Christ. It's a blessing to every one when this spirit is present.

Matt and I have been very blessed. This is our THIRD Christmas as a couple, the first one we've spent together, and I can't wait for the following Christmases!

I have memories of, when I was younger, running down the hall with my sisters to see the BEST Christmas EVER!! With the help of Santa my parents knew how to get us excited. We have a favorite Christmas video to watch that contains many of our families inside jokes ("thankie poppie"). Now that I am expecting our first baby I get excited thinking about the little Christmases with him and with Matt, and all the cute things he will say and do... not to mention being able to look back fifteen years from now and see how cool Matt and I dressed!

This coming Christmas all I wanted was to be able to spend time with our families (the spirit of Christ does that to people) and we are lucky enough to be doing just that. I am so grateful for the family that surrounds me. I am grateful for an amazing husband and wonderful in-laws. I am grateful for my incredible parents and siblings, they've made me who I am today. And I am grateful for the birth of my big brother, and Savior, Jesus Christ; without him this happy giving season would not exsist. I am excited to see the Christmases to come!


the ghost of christmas past and present

i just want to type something. reagans sleeping, im done studying chemistry.... so yea. as it turns out i really like school. i actually enjoy it. i enjoy it a lot. i guess thats good for anyone who wants to continue education for anything past the standard bachelor degree. i always wanted to be a doctor of some sort. i never knew what tho. i thought about dentistry...didnt have the grades. i looked into anesthesiology...too much school. i even thought about being a maxilofacial surgeon just after having a fist be slammed through my face, shattering my orbital socket...those innocent little bones. by the time the second surgery was done, that desire faded away. i do believe that surgeons are incredibly talented however. on to business management at byu. haha. yea. right. ive got passion and am competitive, but wow, apparently not enough. this was a blessing. i got focused toward something i was good at. construction management! i got into that program and wasnt excited. i think my reaction was something like, "reagan! i got my letter to see if im accepted or not!" she said "open it!" so i did. the next words that came out of my mouth were "oh crap...(sigh)." reagan looked at me and said "crap?! no matt thats great!" weellll i didnt want to do that anymore. i think that subconsciously i was hoping for a denial from the school so that my hesitancy to continue with constrution would be assisted and i could be more content with just pushin it all under the rug. i kept quiet for a day then told reagan i wanted to be a chiropractor. i had applied, or started to apply over a year before then but just put it on the back burner. so here we are now, and i am loving it so much. i realize this is where i want to be. the human body is amazing. it has always interested me. simple things about the body blow my mind. i dont know everything but i do know that we are all pretty freakin cool, even when we aren't trying.

on another note...i wonder how long the first body took to create. were there prototypes? because God is perfect in all he does, probably not...and we could get a lot deeper into the doctrine of The God who created us...but not now.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

the Christmas shoes

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I said it for the first time this year. reagan and i were walking up to HyVee, our grocery store, and the salvation army bell ringer was so excited to say "Merry Christmas!" that i was too! it was good to hear that she didn't care about this whole "dont say merry Christmas, say happy hollidays. merry Christmas is not politically correct." you know what...screw that. thats almost as obsurd as people saying that the pledge of allidgence shouldn't be said in schools because it violates the 1st ammendment, or that the "In God We Trust" being imprinted on money is a violation of the principle of separation of church and state.

so in my excitement, and rapid fire of wondering what some peoples deals are, i want to share this to prove that im not insensitive.

i think we can all relate to this video/song in some way. it reminds me that happiness is in giving and being willing to help others who have real needs. it reminds me of how willing my mom has always been willing to give of herself before thinking about herself. it reminds me to FEEL Christmas instead of just observing Christmas.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

these days

well a lot has happened in the past week. here is what we want to tell the entire WORLD WIDE WEB... www. get it? i do. well i do now. reagan thought of it. and i just made the "ah ha" face.

1. i feel strong. i feel mature. taylor suggested that she and everybody else no longer address me as matt, but instead, "Good Sir." why not? i feel, as i told the foote's on the phone, "no disposition to do evil." yes. i am now one year older. not wiser, but older.

reagan told me to get in the car. she asked if i wanted to go to sears with her. if you are a man, and you say no to this when your WIFE suggests it, youre retarted. about halfway there i then started to wonder, "wait, why? why are we going to sears? what do you need there?" well, we arrived and was surprised with a brilliant and might i say sexy grill. no way! this has revolutionized the way i think, cook, and eat. we had kabobs tonight and i even made a smore on it! thank you to clint and kandi... the greatest gosh darn in-laws a Good Sir could have.

1. The O-Team came over from colorado. dad worked out at least twice everyday!!! his finger is getting stronger. Reagan showed my mom how to play doctor mario, and my mom in turn tried to teach us all how to build a "platform" <---long story. actually not really. we were playing dr. mario as our family activity. for those of you who dont know what doctor mario is, it is a game where there are little viruses that you have to stack 3 of the same color pill on top of in order to make them disappear. original nintendo. all the way. OH-- that was my birthday present from reagan:) anyway, there was a virus that was covered in all the wrong colors, so much that you had to build up from the bottom. reagan was gaming it on the 21st level. she got frustrated so i took over. i had a plan to vaccinate that game. so i was trying to accomplish my plan and my mom kept saying "you have to build a platform!" this continued until i almost started to believe i NEEDED to build a platform (to build up to get the lil varmint), which eventually led to my destruction. sooooooo i now notice this is a "had to be there" story. sorry. actually. no. i just decided im not sorry cuz if you were here, you would be laughing. OK-- so i just want you all to know that my mom hasn't gamed it since the late 1990's when i so rudely slaughtered her in a battle on mario kart. but here we are today. she freakin rocked me. thats all im willing to share about kinda sensitive.

3. we are yet in the third trimester of pregnancy. wait. no. reagan just corrected me and told me she is NOW this instant to the day in her third trimester... and she is lookin gooooooood. ummm....where was i going with th.... oh! we have been greatly blessed with bountious amounts of baby goods from our lovely families. pretty much we are all super excited and cant wait for the baby to just get here! i told reagan to just let the baby come right now. she said that she couldn't do that. i dont understand. if i was her i could probably make a deal with the lil guy. we love our huge family and cant wait to add the little one as well.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

big changes

big changes seem to be happening around the ogle home. hahaha. ogle home. sounds funny to me.

this is an update of the pregnancy. well, the terminator is kicking reagan a lot, and its been entertaining. randomly reagan will yelp, "gAH!" and twist to one side. yep. thats my boy. ya know, there are some things that nobody told me would come with pregnancy... here are a few:

5. when reagan stands at the sink in the bathroom, i cant sneak by her without her fully removing herself from the bathroom.

4. when i get a glass of milk and say, "sure rea. you can have some." apparently that means "sure rea. drink the whole glass in two gulps, i dare you."

3. i may have to help reagan put on her socks every once and again due to lack of mobility on her part.

2. i am no longer the one who says, "are you goina eat that?"

1. i thought, but never could have imagined OH how cute reagan is as a pregnant wife.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I learned all I need to know in Primary ...

I just got a calling in church to teach the 5 year olds. When I went to class each of the kids got to tell their own story that had nothing to do with anything. ... climbing trees ... falling down the stairs ... and getting burned with the curling iron. With in us all we have a little five year old dying to get out. These distracted and humorous stories reminded me of something my handsome husband did in Gospel Doctrine a couple months ago...

The Primary room is right next door to the room Gospel Doctrine is in. The Primary kids were singing and singing while Matt and I listened to the lesson in Sunday school. We heard through the shared wall the
kids singing "If You're Happy and You Know It." Matt started dancing a little in his seat to the lovely Primary kids voices. I leaned over and asked if he needed to go to Primary.
Matt immediately sat still and said, "NO."
I smiled and asked, "Do you even know what's going on right now?"
He looked puzzled for half a second and then said, "UM ... Happy time?!"

Matt didn't know that we were in 3 Nephi, nor did he realize that I actually meant what was going on in Gospel Doctrine class not in Primary. He answered as if he was in Primary along with the cute and distracted five year olds that like to feed chickens.

I laughed for a long time about this misunderstanding, and once Matt understood our misunderstanding he laughed right along with me.

We love 5 year olds.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Matt and I hang out with the cutest little family here in Kansas. They live just down the street from us, Ryan (the dad) goes to Cleveland Chiropractic (just like Matt), they are from Idaho (oh yes), AND we are in the same ward for church!
This past Sunday Kolby (the oldest son) was wrestling with his friend. Of course he got hurt so I took Kolby to see his mom when he started to cry. Kolby told his mom what had happened and immediately his mom said, "Kolbs, I told you, you are not Kung Fu Panda!" That made me laugh. Kolby said to his mom, in a sad sad voice, "I just want to be Kung Fu Panda." His mom said, "Okay Kolb, you can be Kung Fu Panda at our house, but not here. Okay??" Kolby agreed and hung his head as he walked away. His mom explained to me that they had just gotten the movie Kung Fu Panda for Kolby's brother's birthday, and now all Kolby wanted to do was karate. She said that it was quite normal for Kolby to aspire to be such characters, and that he even thought HE WAS Santa Clause for a whole year and a half (He told his mom on Christmas Eve that he would be back in the morning, put his coat on and started to walk out the door to deliver presents... he was two years old!).
I was completely amused by this little boy's determination to be Kung Fu Panda. So Matt and I set a goal to watch Kung Fu Panda as soon as possible because we hadn't seen it yet. And for all of you who have not seen it yet, I think you should.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

election time

mom... you make me laugh a lot. so to all you out there... yea, my mom sent me this. just enjoy it. this is not a public display of mine or my moms political preference....

Monday, October 27, 2008


once upon a time, a sister called me. i could hear nothing on the other end but squeaks. this made me nervous, being as if she was choking on something i could do nothing. and on that same note, why call me if you're choking? moral support? anyway. finally i heard a heHEEEEEEE! all of you who know michelle know this piercing yet sweet tonal range. :) she told me that reagan and i had to check my mail. she was an elated creater of a masterpiece. after viewing, we could not stop from tears, and our abs hurt a lot. this folks, is her masterpiece.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

results are in...

"It takes a man to make a man" a wise man once said to me. i asked, "how is this so?" and he replied, "because i said so." i inquired to know the wise mans true name and he replied "Chadwick Calvert." the earth quaked and winds howled... or maybe that was the train passing by work...

for all those who guessed that we would be having a girl, im sorry. i was probably the one who persuaded you to think that. turns out i dont have any super-powers to tell the gender of a pre-natal baby.

we are excited and extremely grateful for our baby, our home, our family and friends. mike and katie unger just came to visit. as reagan and i fell asleep we thought about locking them in our home so they would remain captive and be our friends every day...i can only think of a few people i would actually want to do that with, but this is getting awkward. i was goin to say that they have seen reagan 18 weeks along, and you all haven't, so for the sake of you beautiful they are. Weeks 1, 8, 12, 18.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My name is Sanchero

who needs to watch a movie when you can mess around with face hairymessness? not that i hated the honor code at byu. hate is such a strong word. i really think some things are bogus. life goes on. life goes on with facial hair away from byu. its that easy. and reagan loves it. ... it being the fact that its now shaved off.

First Kiss

It's your First Kiss and several questions might come to mind:
Is it the right time?
Is anyone watching?
Does your partner even want to?
Is your breath fresh?
AND,---Should you use some tongue?
Then you say..."What the heck!" and Just Go for it!

This must be a 2nd or 3rd child because mom grabbed the camera instead of the kid!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boy or Girl

yep, i've been storin this one for a good 23, almost 24 years now. reagan is catching up to me pretty dang quick. oh, if you don't know yet, REAGAN'S PREGNANT!!! luckily she is over the awkward phase of "showing" where people can't tell if she over did it on the donuts or if she really IS pregnant. She looks as cute as can be if you ask me. ok - no more rhyming i mean it.... does anybody want a peanut?...

on a pregnant note, have you ever had something like that happen? you see a woman and ask her "WOW! How far along are ya?" or "when's the baby due?" because you expect that shes thing you know you're trying to talk your way out of a massive hole that you know you wont be able to escape. it feels like it does when you try to run in a dream you're having.

another thing. i vow to dress my child as the boy or girl he or she is. i was at Target with reagan i saw the cutest baby wearing a white, green and pale yellow. a mommy was right there shopping of course. i made my eyes go big and dropped my jaw to get a laugh out of the lil one. I said "she's such a cute lil girl!" mom responded "...thank.........he's a boy actually." right away i squinted at the baby and confidently said "oh wow, sorry i dont have my glasses." OK - i don't wear glasses! that was just the only way to make the situation less awkward just in case i saw that girl lookin boy and mom in the store again.

Friday, September 12, 2008

coming along

dee dee deeee. We're sorry. We cannot show anymore of our home. If you're bugged by this as much as our mothers are, please leave a detailed comment at the end of this post. dee dee deeee. We're sorry......

Thursday, September 4, 2008

ok ok ok ok ok

so we have been out of commission for a while now with the whole blogging world, so for all you bloggers, or checker-uppers on blogs....we apologize.

kansas has brought the best out in us. reagan cooks amazing food. i sweat in great quantities of semi-salt water from my pores. its a marvelous thing.

i don't think that we have slowed the pace in any sense of the word. mama ogle came out to help us attack our bland white home with some colorful paint and fabulous drapes. ridiculous how much that wonderful woman can do with those three hands. pretty much all moms are just our favorite things in the entire realm of what we know.

here is much of our effort, in picture form. this is our magnificent bedroom.

note. we made the valance, nightstands, headboard etc. be inspired.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Corky Obama Rambo the III

Matt and I got this kitty about two months ago for Grandpa Ogle. He had an old stray cat, he called Scrounge, that was his friend. Scrounge stopped showing up one day and Grandpa started to miss "his kitty." So one night, while Grandma and Grandpa were watching The Nanny, Matt and I snuck out to Puyallup and picked up Corky Obama Rambo the III for free! (f-r-e-e that spells free)

When we got home Grandpa was so excited! He first named the baby kitty Corky, because he was a funny little kitty that liked to crawl under the pillows on the couch. A few weeks latter Grandpa called him Obama, for obvious reasons. And just last week Grandpa said the cat's new name is Rambo for his war veteran like actions.

The cat is very jumpy, and attacks anything that moves. Your toes, your feet, your pants, your hands, a spider, a fly, but he tries to be covert about everything. He will hide, crouch down, slink forward, then POUNCE! He may look cute in the picture, but Corky Obama Rambo the III is always ready to attack.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ine a hard werker ...

this week at work i've been testing my solitaire skills. the following are the results of research done in a private laboratory by a highly qualified scientist. no outside interruptions or influences affected the results. here is what i've found:

my all time highest score: 9872

the average time to complete: 1 minute 30 seconds

now for those of you who do not know how solitaire works, the longer you take ordering the cards correctly the lower your score is ... which brings me to the following research completed July 18th, 2008:

my all time lowest score: 220

time taken: 1453 seconds or 24 minutes 35 seconds
if you can beat it, let me know. i want to see what others have done.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reagan's Gone Green

after being married to reagan for just over 4 months, and knowing her for a lot longer, i thought i got to know her pretty well. we talked about past accomplishments and future goals. we talked religion. we talked candy bars. we talked...or better yet, argued about whether we landed on the moon or not.

so, actually we didn't so much do that last one, but yesterday on our way home from boise we went through mt. rainier national forest. i learned something else about reagan. she's a TREE HUGGER! i shoulda known...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

psychology studying

reagan knows that sometimes i study hard for test, and other times i just....dont.

it was last semester when josh and i were in the same psychology class. we had to study for our upcoming test. i showed up at his house and we made fun of each other for a bit as brothers should do. i opened our psychology book to page 157 and josh told me he had to show me something on youtube real quick. an hour later our book remained unturned. here is why.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


sometimes the smallest things throughout the week get us excited. because prison break isn't on till september-ish, this is our favorite tv sharing time, almost like sharing time in church - just not interactive.

speaking of church...chelsie is just another one of our mormon connections and one of our favorites.

if you're a dude and you have a secret obsession for this show, dont be shy. let it out. let it all out.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

summer 2008

we've been very busy since school got out. we moved every thing we own into a storage shed, went honeymooning to hawaii, moved to washington, sent brother josh on a mission, visited the museum of flight, baby sat, went camping, visited seattle, shopped at pike's place market, went to the coast, and to balance out all of this playing we've been working hard.

matt is working for masterbuilt estate homes. he can do pretty much what ever you ask him to. he's so cool! i've been working as a receptionist at an airplane propeller manufacturing and repair shop. it's all fun, and it's all part of our exciting adventure.


Hello! Lauren and Taylor have persisted enough to make us give into blogging. SO! here we are! Hope you enjoy it.