Saturday, June 5, 2010


THANK GOODNESS IT'S SATURDAY!!! WHEW. Matt gets home tomorrow... yesssssss. Here are a few pictures of my day.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning to an adorable song by my handsome little stud ... He was all smiles. He had slept REALLY well apparently.

I decided that we would run errands early to beat the heat. On our adventure we got stopped by a train! It was SOO close to us. Preston was enthralled.

Next we worked on some projects at home, Preston was a BIG help.

Then we had some lunch.

And played outside!

What a WONDERFUL day!

Especially for Matt and Grandpa Jeff Ogle

Friday, June 4, 2010

"what a stud"

Matt said it. And I'm here only to prove it.

It reached 94 degrees today. With the humidity (they call this the "heat index") it FELT like 99 degrees. That's right folks. Nearing the three digits and it's only June 4th. Because of this nasty hot day there was a Heat Advisory. In other words: DO NOT GO OUTSIDE UNLESS YOU HAVE TO. Preston and I politely obeyed the weather man, and went the extra mile ... we stayed inside AND we stayed in our pajamas all day.

AHHH ... relaxing ... not.

It's mostly because it was too hot to put clothes on Preston (thus he stayed in his PJ's, a.k.a. a diaper). SO we just worked on messes. I say "worked on" because Preston made them worse while I was trying to make them better. I cleaned out the guest room closet, the linen closet, did the dishes, made a mini-office for my studies, attempted to organize the storage room (didn't happen, but it will, OH it will), along with attempting to clean out the baby things from Preston's room that he is no longer baby enough for. I will get to those chores, I will.

During our little lunch break Preston was being a stud (as previously mentioned), and here is the proof ...

NAN-ER-NAN-ER-NAN-ER ... really he just wanted a banana.

OH, what's that?? You need more proof? All right, not a problem.

I believe I've proved my point. I AM hanging out with a stud.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Past Two Days

I promised Matt that I would take pictures and share them with him. I figured the easiest way is to knock out two birds with one stone ... I'll share them with you at the same time!!

We got home from the airport. Preston had not napped, and would not nap. The house was a disaster area, so we played outside to distract us both from the inevitable.

Today we went on the hunt for a new purse/diaper bag. I've been carrying a huge brown bag, stuffed to the brim with toys, treats, books, and burp clothes; and trust me it is to the point where it needs a vacation. We searched the classy Gordman's, the thrifty Stienmart, and the trendy Target. To no avail. Not one bag was worth its weight in gold to me. Not to mention I have never been a shopper, neither have I bought a purse ... so as you can probably assume this was a very trying trip.

The Story of the Purse
After about two hours I called it quits, and was driving home when I saw Khols. Although I am not a shopper, I AM very determined. So I thought, quick in and out. Sure enough I found the lovely purse you saw within two minutes of being in Khols, and purchased it within five. We were outta there and home for nap time.

I find single parenting very difficult. There are no such thing as breaks. There is not one moment to sit peacefully and ponder on ... whatever you want to ponder. You have to be the Energizer Bunny. I am sometimes asked how I do it, living so far from family, being a student, keeping the house clean, plus Matt being gone most of the day then studying for the rest of it. I used to just smile and say "will power." But now I know it's not will power at all, it's Matt.

In the meantime....

I am in Portland and was in the Airport for a while....

I am missing my woman and little man....

SO i made this...