Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dear Lauren,

Preston went to nursery on Sunday. He loved it! It was weird being able to listen to lessons without having to chase a child around as well. Soon enough I will be back to my chasing.
He has also started talking a lot! Copying things we say, and learning words that we didn't even teach him. "shhhh ... quiet" is his new favorite, while holding his finger to his lips. He yells "DADDY!" when Matt walks in the door and says hi to everyone while we are shopping. Here are the words he knows (that I can think of at least): Hi, Hello, Bye-bye, blanket, book, dog, cat, bear, truck, stuck, shirt, sock, shoes, toes, foot, elbow, eyes, belly button, ouch, ow, no-no, please, thank you, you're welcome, kick it, throw, ball, hold you, bath, dirt, rock, slide, weee, water, crash, push, on, off, light, phone, hot, stir, baby, love you, cheeeeese!, beep-beep, vroom, pretty, ... two three GO! (he always starts on two), jump, whoa, wow ...

Here are some new pictures and a little video for you ...


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grandma Linda

I am doing this small little post for Grandma Linda because I love her and I know she is an avid follower of our blog, along with her friends at work;)

you know when you have so much happen that the thought of recounting all the awesomeness is just intimidating.... well, thats why we haven't blogged in so long. :)

We have been blessed indeed. We traveled up to Seattle for Lance's wedding, which was absolutely amazing.

We got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Ogle and relive the days of when we used to live and work in Seattle. My parents came up and wore Preston out, which we were VERY grateful for. They played, gardened and chased Rambo the cat, or should I say "tat".


This picture is blurry, but its just precious.

We went to Puyallup fair and had a great time touching goats in their eyeballs and making them angry...

We finally got me and Preston some matching jeans...

I spent some time as a bubble boy on water.

The experience is, I say, a must for every person in the world. Don't worry, if you are wondering, "Where can I go to have such an experience? I don't live in Seattle." To you my friend, I say look no further. For I have vowed that I will have such equipment at my house post graduation, post having my own house, post having enough money. Yes, come to me.

Anyway, Reagan told me I need to go to bed. I told her "Ok" so that gives me about 8 minutes and 17 seconds until she comes back into the room and drags me away...

Hm, turns out I don't need more time, cuz thats all I have to say for now....

Wait, one more thing. This was a gift to Preston from Grandma MJ Ogle... I want to hear your captions for this picture. I have too many for it. Each one of them make me laugh to myself a lot, and out loud. Reagan thinks I'm special...