Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boy or Girl

yep, i've been storin this one for a good 23, almost 24 years now. reagan is catching up to me pretty dang quick. oh, if you don't know yet, REAGAN'S PREGNANT!!! luckily she is over the awkward phase of "showing" where people can't tell if she over did it on the donuts or if she really IS pregnant. She looks as cute as can be if you ask me. ok - no more rhyming i mean it.... does anybody want a peanut?...

on a pregnant note, have you ever had something like that happen? you see a woman and ask her "WOW! How far along are ya?" or "when's the baby due?" because you expect that shes thing you know you're trying to talk your way out of a massive hole that you know you wont be able to escape. it feels like it does when you try to run in a dream you're having.

another thing. i vow to dress my child as the boy or girl he or she is. i was at Target with reagan i saw the cutest baby wearing a white, green and pale yellow. a mommy was right there shopping of course. i made my eyes go big and dropped my jaw to get a laugh out of the lil one. I said "she's such a cute lil girl!" mom responded "...thank.........he's a boy actually." right away i squinted at the baby and confidently said "oh wow, sorry i dont have my glasses." OK - i don't wear glasses! that was just the only way to make the situation less awkward just in case i saw that girl lookin boy and mom in the store again.

Friday, September 12, 2008

coming along

dee dee deeee. We're sorry. We cannot show anymore of our home. If you're bugged by this as much as our mothers are, please leave a detailed comment at the end of this post. dee dee deeee. We're sorry......

Thursday, September 4, 2008

ok ok ok ok ok

so we have been out of commission for a while now with the whole blogging world, so for all you bloggers, or checker-uppers on blogs....we apologize.

kansas has brought the best out in us. reagan cooks amazing food. i sweat in great quantities of semi-salt water from my pores. its a marvelous thing.

i don't think that we have slowed the pace in any sense of the word. mama ogle came out to help us attack our bland white home with some colorful paint and fabulous drapes. ridiculous how much that wonderful woman can do with those three hands. pretty much all moms are just our favorite things in the entire realm of what we know.

here is much of our effort, in picture form. this is our magnificent bedroom.

note. we made the valance, nightstands, headboard etc. be inspired.