Friday, January 30, 2009


To level the playing field...

A liberal is someone who is open minded towards new ideas and different lifestyles. The exact definition of "liberal" is a government or political party associated with ideals of high individual freedom. A conservative is a person who favors maintenance of the status quo or reversion to some earlier status. Because of this conservatives are often put down because of their reputed closed minds and out dated views on the world. What makes me cringe is the people who are criticizing the conservative position are THE LIBERALS who should, by definition, love and let live ALL the different beliefs of every political position. Just because someone believes that same sex marriage should not be legalized, or that adoption not abortion is the better choice does not mean their minds are closed nor their views out dated, and no one should see it as such.

There are some conservatives that take their parents political position as their own rather than studying to form individual views and ideas, BUT we can not and should not assume that liberals do anything different. It has been proven in study after study that how we are raised affects our view of the world around us, no matter what we do to counteract this, it is a fact of life. Conservatives are said to be uneducated and liberals are said to be highly educated, but what does this matter. Our own ideas, minds, thoughts, hearts should be be what forms our opinions on politics, not education and not parents. Therefore we should never criticize a person for believing something different than ourselves. Debate and persuade, yes, but slander, chastise, and reprimand, NEVER. Do what you believe is right, and never look down on others for doing the same.

This post DOES represent my views on current politics.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

11 reasons my husband rocks ...

1. He paints my toenails because I can't reach them at the moment
2. He made me french toast for dinner
3. He makes me laugh daily
4. He cuddles with me even though I know he likes his space
5. He lets me make him after school snacks
6. He buys me cool pregnant lady jeans
7. Although he needs to do homework he lets me blab about my day (which is always quite exciting ... not)
8. He lets me beat him at Dr. Mario
9. He makes the bed
10. He gives me a hug and kiss whenever he is leaving
11. He still opens the car door for me

See ... he rocks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Newest News

1. I am no longer the one that asks "Are you going to eat that?" (Matt started working out again)
2. At least 7 people have told me that they think I won't even make it to February (I beg to differ) I only have 10 weeks left!
3. My back falls asleep... weird
4. We got to see actual 3D pictures of our little boy! (highly recommend this to every pregnant mommy)
5. He wakes me up at night by kicking, and he has recently developed the HICCUP reflex... it's pretty funny.

1. Matt still has to assist me with my socks every now and then
2. I can still drink a glass of milk in two gulps
3. I still think I'm pretty cute ;)