Friday, August 20, 2010


(if this video doesn't work, we'll try again later...something about copyright blah blah...)

Another round of finals unscathed. Lucky...

Very Lucky.

Preston kept us entertained throughout the week. He can always find a way to make us smile and laugh.

Baby girl made her first noticeable appearance tonight by pushing out on my stomach, HARD. Matt got to feel it! Beatrice, Daphne and Fawn are our favorite names so far. Matt keeps trying to talk me into liking Millicent ... I just can't do it.

Matt passed all his classes with A's and B's!!!! He told me that he didn't think he'd be able to do it this go round, but he did! My smart little cookie.

(though there is slight resemblance, the man pictured is not matt)

I am working hard on my own schooling this week. I am on my last assignment before the final! Once I take the final I will hopefully be formally accepted to the Bachelor of General Studies Online program. I am quite excited, there are some classes that will be very fun to take.

These next couple weeks are to be FILLED with lots of family time, projects, and a bug bombing of our house. For some reason this summer we have SOOO many spiders in our house. Preston's poor little legs have been eaten a few times. Matt had a spider IN his pants some how and received 9 huge bites within 15 minutes. I've been lucky enough to only have a few bites but they are always in the worst places. On my toe, my ankle, my elbow, the back of my hand. Blah. BUGS BE GONE! soon ... very soon.

Adding to our list of requirements for where we will live is a Papa Murphy's and a Whole Foods. We had pizza for dinner tonight with cheese!! Yes, even Matt ate it! The cheese of course was a substitute, but it was actually very good! I have to say, that Matt is a trooper, I would not survive with out milk products.

STORY OF THE WEEK: Preston's newest tricks are praying, and flipping upside down off the couch.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

IT'S A ....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We find out if it is a boy or girl tomorrow.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


My mom's request for her birthday was a blog post with a whole bunch of pictures. So ... here goes!

We went swimming for family home evening. I dubbed myself the photographer, and Matt the babysitter. Preston LOVED it! He and Matt swam and splashed until they were all tuckered out. He slept really well that night. :)

Preston has always wanted to be just like his dad, but once he found Matt's glasses, he KNEW he was just like Matt. Preston was very content as he marched around the house, put on Matt's flip flops, and walked really slowly up to things with his hands straight out in front of him.

Our next adventure was with this guy. We'll call him Waseem. It happened just last night while Matt should have been studying. Matt heard a LOUD buzzing sound coming from inside our basement wall. After checking outside (to see if there was a nest of some sort) he proceeded to rip the casing off the wall in the basement. Once Matt had done this Waseem emerged from a small hole in one of the newly exposed 2x4's. Matt practically threw me up the stairs when he yelled, "That's a wasp! Get out of here!!" We stood at the top of the basement stairs (with the door closed) for a second, catching our breaths and thinking what to do next. It didn't take long for the Eagle scout in Matt to take over. He grabbed a glass and captured Waseem in one fail swoop. Then sprayed the hole Waseem came from with bug killer. Of course taking pictures the whole time. Waseem was a confused at his capture and tried desperately to sting the inside of the glass. Matt did the regular boy thing ... threw lit matches into the glass, ammonia, bug killer, until Waseem was unconscious. Then Matt dissected Waseem's stingers, and chopped the head off. It was a much needed break from studying I think. :)

Today has been the coolest day so far this week. So Preston and I went to the park. We walked the trails, picked up sticks, threw rocks down holes, chased bunnies and squirrels, went down the slide, and swung so HIGH on the swings. Preston loves outside. I just wish it wasn't so sticky and hot here, I would let him play outside for longer than just an hour. Here is my petition to move farther west where the humidity is nearly unheard of, fresh cool mountains are close at hand, and the heat goes away at night (our AC has been on since the begining of June and has not been turned off). Matt, once you are finished with school, for the sake of sweaty little Preston, let's move westward!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Here are the long awaited pregnancy 2 belly photos. This is week 19. I must warn you, my stomach is oddly shaped. It's not cute and round, or fashionably flat. I told my dad, "I have a fat flat stomach." Now you can see what I mean dad. It's kind of gross actually.

We are going to find out the gender of this baby exactly one week from today. So if you haven't voted on our poll, vote now! We'd love to hear what you think it is. I've heard both so far, "I think you will repopulate the world with boys trying to get a girl." and "I KNOW it's a girl." Choose sides, and next we'll choose names! Here's something that might help make up your mind: it may look like I'm carrying "HIGH" ... but trust me, that's ALL residual from the Prestonator.

Now, here are some funny little videos of my boys.