Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This makes me smile ....

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Cooler dawnings, now we rest from all the heat!!

What a wonderful break it has been. So far we have gone on a spontaneous trip to Branson with our friends the Birdsalls, seen an armadillo up close, gone miniature bowling, gone swimming, gone miniature golfing, met a lot of celebrities, played HARD, been stung by a bee...twice, found a lizard, gone to the Deanna Rose Farm Stead, had a fire and mallow roasting night, frisbee golfed (of course), re-watched the Bourne trilogy, felt and watched baby-girl move, discovered Preston has another ear infection, learned secrets of the rubik's cube, had an eye exam and allergy testing for Matt, physical therapy for me, realized I'm 5 months pregnant and still can't keep maternity pants up or fill out maternity shirts , played in the park, listened to and watched trains, re-discovered the awesomeness of the ipad, had many dance parties, learned "NO-NO", had the missionaries over, chopped wood, and thoroughly enjoyed the cooler weather. Our air conditioning has been off for over 24 hours at this point ... AMAZING right!? I'm hoping and praying that this cooler weather sticks around. I have thought of summer as my favorite season until I moved to Kansas ... autumn, and spring are the best by FAR.

What a great little summer break. I'm not ready for Matt to go back to school yet. Thankfully they start Wednesday and have Friday off. Two days of school for the first week!? YES PLEASE.

... oh and Preston knows how to say "thank you!" We'll try to catch this on video for the next post; it's quite adorable.