Sunday, June 28, 2009

you may not know that:

you may not know that:
i like to eat yogurt
i can't eat yogurt cuz im allergic to dairy
preston likes to eat cookie dough
preston smiles when i whistle
i like to be with friends
i like to be alone
i like to have a clean house
i like that reagan is a super clean freak like me
i like that since i found out reagan is a super clean freak, i have become less a clean freak
i like being organized
i like the typing keyboard sound
i like the sound a key makes as it goes into the key slot
i dislike the sound of pouring milk
i dislike the sound of sloppy eaters -- you all make me sick, but i wont tell you this
i like targets plastic bags, not wal-marts, targets
i like that reagan caters to my weird ways
i like that reagan is such a good mommy to presto-change-o
i like our small garden
i like to vacuum, nobody does it like i do
i think my vacuum deal is an o.c.d
i like lights. a lot of lights.
i like projects that make me think
i like that reagan can do projects too

i act like i know more than i do
i would rather be less dressed than dressed -- just like every man
i get tempramental when im hungry or tired -- just like every man
cold water cools you down a lot faster than luke-warm water
i talk myself out of being crazy almost every week... and now you know why :)

hahaha. i hope you learned a lot about me... this was a distraction from studying, and i liked it. now. back to why the physiological pH of an amino acid is.........

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i read cody's post about his new baby boy Camdon. he is a stud, and super cute...Who you ask? the answer is yes....yes, both of them. i think back to a good 2.5 months ago when preston was born and i remember feeling the same things that cody did. i never knew i could love this baby so much. i sit here in the dungeon of knowledge i feel a need to post this picture. it was on fathers day and i think that rea and preston are lookin so hott. i hope you enjoi. yes with an i.

Friday, June 19, 2009

They call me...

hei gyes. pweeeston chekinng in hew.
i say you gyes justs kall me yowr financhial planerrr, cuz eim all abouut rollovvers!

dnof2iqn0c3cn9-rjfgioj09jf89hf0-3-92 <--- Preston didn't want to let me and 20iiefonkaooknd Reagan back on the computer so 20h3f-92-0iqnc09inkf... he keeeeps preoskasnoi3n0i-293845h pressing buttons! Just so you know, this was not a simple fluke...multiple rollovers have occurred since this video was taken. I am a witness. Reagan is a witness. That is all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Longest 30 Hours of My Life

Although I only get to see Matt for a couple of hours out of each day, I derive sanity and happiness from it.

I miss Matt.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's kinda like a sour patch kid

For some reason i don't do well with sour things. The only thing that keeps me going through the sour is the wonderful goodness hiding behind the mask of illness... WHEW! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Sour Patch kids are one of those sour then sweet candy. Or i guess if you're old enough WAR HEADS!!!! those are more intense than sour patch kids. Well, Reagan has a high tolerance for sour (obviously, she's married to me you may say... hahah. shut it.) and some of my sunday schoolers did as well. I made them take 5 war heads and put 1 to each side of their mouth, 1 in the middle, and 2 under their tongue. for me this was very fun and entertaining, and they were kids and loved it too. I think what kept them going was either 1. competition and or 2. they knew the goodness underneath the sour illness. for my purposes i say it was they knew of the goodness...

A while back, I bought my Grandpa Grossen a web cam so that we could talk to him and see his face every once and again. He was pretty sick most of the time but luckily 2 weeks ago we were able to have a little video chat with him. He has been battling cancer for the second time, and was told he wouldn't make it much longer. Well there we were talkin to him long after doctors said he would make it! It was hard to understand him but in talking he kept his sense of humor.

Friday I got a text from Jess that told me grandpa had died; and this is my tribute to him. Some memories come to me as i sit here. I remember going to Lagoon and telling my mom that Grandma and Grandpa need tans. I remember the drawers of bountious sweet sweet goodness. In those kitchen drawers, Grandpa stored more candy than a 7-11. I remember his stories of his army days, mission days and even his stories about snicklefritzgleek up at the cabin. I remember throwing rocks at the outhouse when Grandpa was in there....most of that was initiated by the uncles. I remember going through all of Grandpa's stuff. I still have a ton of basketball, baseball and football cards from him. He fueled my desire to collect things, which is one of my Grandpa-isms. I remember the smell of the Orem house backyard. I remember always watching both Grandma and Grandpa Grossen stand outside their house and wave to us as we pulled away early in the morning to get back to Colorado. Regardless of the time, they were there. I remember in 1994 when Grandma passed away after a ladder accident. I remember Grandpa waving goodbye to us alone outside of his house early in the morning. I remember all the awesome deals we got with grandpa, and how much fun it was to go out to eat with him. I remember going to Arby's. I remember telling Grandpa the coupons we had for Arby's were expired...and I also remember him tearing the coupons in such a way that the cashier couldn't decipher the TRUE expiration date and was then obligated to give us a 'good deal'. I remember his excitement for me to go on a mission and when he shared with me all the details about his mission. I remember his mission picture, and the fact that it looked like my cousin Dan, a stunningly handsome lad. I remember that Grandpa loved secrets, and despite what you may think, he kept some of my secrets I told him. I remember that Brooke and I never liked Grandpa's flings, especially Venice the Menace; but we have always like Linda. She's a fireball -- and you have to be if you're married to Grandpa. I love her for being so good to me, our family and my grandpa...Grandpa wasn't always easy to take care of :) I remember Grandpa wanting to try on my hat that I had gotten on my way home from Seattle... My favorite part of this picture is the fact that he threw down the peace sign. Gangster.
I cant tell you how many times Grandpa told me that I was so lucky to have such a wonderful girl to marry; a Princess, a Queen, a Gorgeous young lady to have forever. No joke, every time Reagan and I visited him he would grab me and go on and on about how proud and happy he was. I am so glad that he was able to be there in the temple with me and Reagan when we were married for not only time, but for all eternity. That binding power is something you will find NOWHERE else but the LDS temples, and I'm glad that Grandpa is comfortable and reunited with Grandma.

Friday morning after Grandpa had passed away Reagan walked upstairs to check on Preston because he hadn't woken up for his 8 o'clock bottle. When she peeked her head in the room she saw and heard that Preston was babbling and smiling in his sleep. Because Grandpa wasn't able to be here last weekend for Preston's baby blessing, he took some time to be with the boy he had only seen on the web-cam.

Preston's blessing weekend was so great for both Reagan and me. I think our families would hang out forever - daily and nightly - if we all lived in the same area. I loved havin Papa there to hold it down for the Grandpa's. Granny is taught us all how to make Preston speak. The dad's rekindled their baby handling skills and bonded nicely, while the aunts kept the buffer between the two mothers who would have held that baby the whole weekend if we let them. :) We are grateful for supportive and loving families and hope they want to come visit humidity central again in the future.
And so it comes around and you see that life can kinda be like a sour patch kid. There's some things in life that aren't enjoyable, like letting a loved one go; but there is always the inner goodness to have and enjoy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two Months Old