Friday, December 11, 2009


Friday, December 4, 2009

dorsum means back


the other day i sat eating a delectable ham sandwich. it was cold that day as i remember. I drank some mountain dew. I sniffled. i took a bite of my sandwich. i drank some mountain dew. i sniffled a bit on the dorsum of my hand. i then took another bite of sandwich and realized i was full. i sniffled again. i licked my lips and tasted something salty...and to this day i know not if that salty treat was my friend or my foe.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



He will spend all the live long day at school and in the dungeon of knowledge...



Sunday, November 15, 2009

I love him

As most people do, when using paper/plastic disposable cups we write our names on the side in permanent marker, so that we know whose is whose. Well, lets just say my ever-so-charming husband took that small tradition and made it into tradition of laughter, and the highlight of my week ...

Ahh ... I love him.

And for those of you who don't care about this hilarious event, nor that I am now one cup short of a full set, here are pictures of Preston for your enjoyment. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Craby Monday

Preston has had a rough couple of days. Teething, being sick and whatnot. Thus Matt and I have had a rough couple days. Despite all the fussing and nap skipping we managed to capture a few of the best moments and even had a little photo shoot. Of course Preston wouldn't smile ... until daddy came home.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 7 Months Preston!

Here are our fall favorites.

Preston loves the song "Give Said the Little Stream" by Insideout. It's his happy song. He is gangster with daddy a lot. His favorite spot is outside. He would rather be on the floor scooting than being held (unless he is tired). He is growing his eye teeth now ... soon we will feed him steak (Jessica). He still sings himself to sleep at night. He is always so happy when dad gets home. He is bigger than his friend Brady, and is three months younger. His favorite time of day is bath time. And he is still working on crawling ... any day now, any day.

His stats: 30" tall (2.5 feet!!)
25.5 pounds
both of which are above the 97th percentile for his age
and he is in the 50th percentile (average) ...
for a 12 month old.

We love our little man.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yes, They Love Each Other

Just in case any of you are wondering if daddy and baby have bonded.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Friday, October 23, 2009

Thanks Grammi!

I'm nice and warm in these jammies.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Especially for Aunt Taylor

After being bugged for months, I finally took two hours to learn how to load videos onto our computer.
Here is Preston's progress:

He now is growing a second tooth, can get up on his hands and knees, ALMOST figured out how to get into a seated position all by himself, and growls (we haven't gotten these on camera yet).

Hope this is enough to keep you alive Taylor and Zach.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Preston will get a $1000 gift certificate to BabyGap!! (much needed ... he'll never stop growing out of his clothes)

Here's the website if you'd like to vote:

Here's his "casting call" number/identification number:

1. Go to the above website.
2. Click "Log In" in upper right corner.
3. Click Register Now and follow instructions (remember your member name and password so that you can vote every day)
4. Once Logged In under your member name scroll down to the bottom of the screen and in the "Search Entries" box enter Preston's ID number OR my member name reaganko.
5. Preston's Picture should pull up

6. Click VOTE
7. Then it should tell you if it worked and when your vote will be tallied on the website.

Thanks Everyone!
Matt, Reagan, & Preston

Thursday, October 8, 2009

against popular demand

Against popular demand, i buzzed Preston's head. The truth is i don't care about the whole idea that you have to wait a year to cut their hair. See, Preston is more active than the average bear. Since he moves so much when he is on his back and side, just about all of his hair looked like it had been chewed on by a toothless badger. Some may suggest, "Well, just bathe him and use conditioner." But i say "Nay."

Preston got a talking package in the mail. He got new toys and books from Gramma and Grandpa, however, i have a strange feeling that Gramma was primarily responsible.

Check this out... who needs hands when you have a belly?

......aaaaaaaaaaand just another picture that i love.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Monday, September 21, 2009

Preston and Company

Finally Preston has branched out and found some friends. We went to the zoo near the end of our Boise stay. Preston finally found the giraffe from the Baby Einstein videos he's been watching. As you can tell by his face, he is ecstatic.

Braxon is Preston's buddy. They hung out, talked and spit up with each other. At one point Preston decided to try to pull a Mike Tyson and put Braxon's ear in his mouth. I would have loved to see it, cuz I think Braxon would have busted out some crazy ninja moves and which would have impaled Preston and forced him to concede. I guess I'll just use my imagination for now.

One of Preston's first dates with Nora Rose. How romantic. Nothing like getting together to watch objects move around on a flat screen. Kinda reminds me of older married couples, no?

Problem: Fatigue....Who's that happy child?

Answer: A nice face plant in bed.

...I conceded. aaaaaaaaaaannd not sure why Reagan wanted her toes in the picture, but they are always welcome to join the fun. I'll go back to paying attention to what's going on in class.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

right to left

undoubtedly this has been the best two weeks of my only summer break. its fun to be able to be around preston more than just 30 minutes a day. it seems like he has grown and learned a lot in the past 2 weeks! he is close to crawling. he knows how to get his butt in the air, but the part where he is supposed to use his arms doesn't click. he uses his face instead. i thought it would be painful for him, but turns out it's extremely exfoliating. his skin is so clear.

i realized a lot of people take pictures of themselves, hold out their arms and *snap* they have their new facebook picture to show off a new hair cut, hat, shirt, nose job...whatever it is. preston took this picture because he wanted to show you his beautiful cheeks.

well... where can i start now ...and how is this blue now?

We went to Table Rock Lake over near Branson Missouri. We usually do Lake Powell but because of location and travel time for the little one, Table Rock was a better choice.

Dad grew a ginormous hubbard squash. it was his baby. he cut it right down the middle to find that there was a knife inside the squash already! jess.... you devious girl. hah. well jess got the blame which was superb, but really clint and i conspired. jess was scared because she knew how much dad loves his squash.

clint is a pro bass fisher. he caught our first fish which we hesitantly threw back.

i ate my fair share of rice patties... yes reagan. rice patties. thinking of using this as my facebook profile picture... ok. rice patties - they are now equivalent in goodness to ritz crackers since i can no longer partake of ritz crackers. i wore myself out.

michelle likes reading books about realtors and mystery by some author who is good... shows how much i know. preston assisted her a bit in this attempt to finish her new book. he didn't read much but added in dooming squeaks...

preston loves the boat. he loves the noise of wind in his face. sometimes he forgets to breathe as the air rushes by, but he's still alive so he didn't forget that much. he loves the water when introduced slowly. he loves tubing!

non-moving boat...
moving boat...
preston felt like the paparazzi was following him everywhere. he couldn't eat a bottle without on of us all up in his grill. i dont know how grandpa knows how to feed babies in his sleep, but i guess he had 4 of us to practice with...

oh yea, he eats real food now. what a big boy. reaaaaaal big boy.
im on a boat (clean) enough said. on top of that, the great thing you can extrapolate from this picture is who has been stuck inside reading text books all summer...nerd.

we went to the Talking Caves which Preston really liked. the caves smelt like disney land to me.

closing up the week was hard, especially because the water was so nice! it was warm, it was smooth and it treated us right - similar to how a dog lover would treat his dog that he loved...right. i hope i clarified that for you.


now we are in Boise and having a grand old time... preston loved his first airplane ride. he loved staring out the window, and loved being by the jets. they put him to sleep in a way that a few valium would do to an adult.

something was hilarious about vomiting at the dinner table to preston. after he rid his stomach of the bottle we gave him 5 minutes earlier he was crazier than ive ever experienced...and ive experienced.
nearly the whole fam damily (kandi...heh) came up to boise to see preston preform his many tricks. lauren caused that this picture be observed, and so it is. he is pretty excited in this picture. thats because he hadn't fallen on his head yet.
oh, about the 'falling on his head'... it was a lie. he never did. at least not this time. ask reagan about his king size bed experience. that should be fun.


more to come on life without school! .......... ........... ..........