Sunday, February 22, 2009

per request of lauren my dear

lauren said it was time for a change of posts. she wanted something new. she wanted something fresh. for this reason, i decided to change up everything--background, colors, picture. she was right. it was time.

these colors were inspired by the upcoming arrival of my son. yes, this is matt blogging once again. i absolutely love watching him judo chop reagans belly, and i especially love giving dialogue to what he may be saying or thinkin.

who watches the biggest loser out there? who are you? tell me. i think i need to admit something to the entire blogging world. i watch the biggest loser every tuesday night without fail, however, this tuesday we are going to record it to watch it after my finals on wednesday afternoon. that wasnt what i had to admit. they made me have some weird excess of fluid in my left eye one time. the relationship that the brown team has is amazing! for those of you who dont know, the brown team is a father and son. the father, ron, having weighed 430lbs for a majority of his life and his son, mike or as his dad says mikey, who is 19 years old and weighed in around 380lbs at the begining of the season. now the reason i love the relationship they have is because mike is always looking out for his dad -- helping him in the challenges and so loving. i see the love that ron has for his son. i see the lengths that ron is willing to go to keep his son motivated. i see it in the way he talks to his son and how he compliments him in everything he does. its all so familiar to me --its how my dad feels toward me. i am not looking forward to when ron has to go home.

ill tell you what i do look forward to. i look forward to seeing the turbo tax commercial where the presidents are telling a guy how great turbo tax is. they say something about extra money i think, and he says "thats what i need." then ulysses s. grant picks up the hula doll and says "another thing you need is one of these." then the guy in the commercial says candidly, "no. that is not what i need." i love it! hahaha. i laugh out loud even when im alone watching it. are you like me and fast forward through the commercials, but see the commercial goin in fast forward, then have to rewind it because you missed a commercial that you love? along with that, dont you rewind more than once or twice? possibly you rewind three times like i do and end up rocking back and forth harder and harder each time.

i was a victim of a sad sad computer breakdown. i guess my computer was sick of me using and using her. for a little personification, i can hear her singin the following song by cherish...

luckily the new addition outweighs the loss...15 inch macbook pro. amazing.yes ive taken the step away from the ogle way. no more pc for me. say what you may. im not opinionated like some are. you like what you like, so who cares what others think? the whole whos better is just a little unnecessary. if you are sittin on the fence on whether to go mac or stay pc, talk to me. ill help you.