Sunday, November 23, 2008

big changes

big changes seem to be happening around the ogle home. hahaha. ogle home. sounds funny to me.

this is an update of the pregnancy. well, the terminator is kicking reagan a lot, and its been entertaining. randomly reagan will yelp, "gAH!" and twist to one side. yep. thats my boy. ya know, there are some things that nobody told me would come with pregnancy... here are a few:

5. when reagan stands at the sink in the bathroom, i cant sneak by her without her fully removing herself from the bathroom.

4. when i get a glass of milk and say, "sure rea. you can have some." apparently that means "sure rea. drink the whole glass in two gulps, i dare you."

3. i may have to help reagan put on her socks every once and again due to lack of mobility on her part.

2. i am no longer the one who says, "are you goina eat that?"

1. i thought, but never could have imagined OH how cute reagan is as a pregnant wife.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I learned all I need to know in Primary ...

I just got a calling in church to teach the 5 year olds. When I went to class each of the kids got to tell their own story that had nothing to do with anything. ... climbing trees ... falling down the stairs ... and getting burned with the curling iron. With in us all we have a little five year old dying to get out. These distracted and humorous stories reminded me of something my handsome husband did in Gospel Doctrine a couple months ago...

The Primary room is right next door to the room Gospel Doctrine is in. The Primary kids were singing and singing while Matt and I listened to the lesson in Sunday school. We heard through the shared wall the
kids singing "If You're Happy and You Know It." Matt started dancing a little in his seat to the lovely Primary kids voices. I leaned over and asked if he needed to go to Primary.
Matt immediately sat still and said, "NO."
I smiled and asked, "Do you even know what's going on right now?"
He looked puzzled for half a second and then said, "UM ... Happy time?!"

Matt didn't know that we were in 3 Nephi, nor did he realize that I actually meant what was going on in Gospel Doctrine class not in Primary. He answered as if he was in Primary along with the cute and distracted five year olds that like to feed chickens.

I laughed for a long time about this misunderstanding, and once Matt understood our misunderstanding he laughed right along with me.

We love 5 year olds.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Matt and I hang out with the cutest little family here in Kansas. They live just down the street from us, Ryan (the dad) goes to Cleveland Chiropractic (just like Matt), they are from Idaho (oh yes), AND we are in the same ward for church!
This past Sunday Kolby (the oldest son) was wrestling with his friend. Of course he got hurt so I took Kolby to see his mom when he started to cry. Kolby told his mom what had happened and immediately his mom said, "Kolbs, I told you, you are not Kung Fu Panda!" That made me laugh. Kolby said to his mom, in a sad sad voice, "I just want to be Kung Fu Panda." His mom said, "Okay Kolb, you can be Kung Fu Panda at our house, but not here. Okay??" Kolby agreed and hung his head as he walked away. His mom explained to me that they had just gotten the movie Kung Fu Panda for Kolby's brother's birthday, and now all Kolby wanted to do was karate. She said that it was quite normal for Kolby to aspire to be such characters, and that he even thought HE WAS Santa Clause for a whole year and a half (He told his mom on Christmas Eve that he would be back in the morning, put his coat on and started to walk out the door to deliver presents... he was two years old!).
I was completely amused by this little boy's determination to be Kung Fu Panda. So Matt and I set a goal to watch Kung Fu Panda as soon as possible because we hadn't seen it yet. And for all of you who have not seen it yet, I think you should.