Saturday, April 25, 2009

the baton has been passed...

The Mother's have left us. Grammy Kandi was here for the first week we were home, and then as she was flying back to Boise she made a stop in Denver, told Gramma Ogle a bunch of secrets and sent her on her way out to Kansas. Gramma Ogle left the baton in our hands - which was expected, being as this kid really is ours; he's not for rent from the hospital.

I loved having the Big Mama's here - changin diapers, makin meals, doin laundry  like it was nobodys business but their own. Those weren't placed in any specific order...cuz they did them all at the same time.   I unno?  I just take one thing at a time...

It's warming up around here, and humidity is settlin in as well. Preston has been out on a few occasions to speak with the squirrels...mmmDahhhh Squeek squeeker squeek squeeken... (Preston practices his squeeking while he sleeps - he's pro.) Anyway, on one of the outings we took a family picture.  Preston was wide awake too!

Despite what you think, Preston isn't as cute as he looks in these pictures....He's cuter. 

He's cuter in real life...kinda when you are alive and standing next to him, or even sitting by him in real live status, you will know. 

Grammy Kandi got Preston a nice pair of sweat pants.  He was so excited to try them on.  Grammy Kandi tried to explain to him that the 3m meant that he had to wait till he was 3 months old to wear the pants.  He insisted, and seemed to have lost his arms in the process...Shoulda listened to Grammy Kandi.

Gramma Ogle loved the idea of a nice bath for Preston and made him warm up to the idea as well.  Pun.  He's a kicker, and a flailer.  This made for an interesting bath, but Gramma Ogle rewarded him with his favorite thing...A blow dryer to volumize his hair. He likes volume. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

shy of a week...

Preston got this lil outfit from Granny Foote... it's for newborns and he is just about grown out of it.  for all of you who noticed, he had a ridiculously huge cone head when he was born.  it has gone down A LOT so he is even more stunningly handsome.  

well, reagan being the amazing fighter she is was in labor for just about 36 hours.  4 of those hours were devoted to pushing.  yes, 4 hours.  for all of you who know a smidge about the pushing part of labor, its not easy in the least bit.  to be honest, my biceps were sore from helping reagan sit up a bit during the process.  dont laugh.  it was hard!  i can only imagine what she was, or still is feeling.  well, turns out this child was big and reaga is just so tiny.  so break it down ... big child + cute petite mommy = hard labor and c-section.  indeed we had to do an emergency c-section.  im glad we did because i now have both of them here with me:)  

Preston is now 6 days old and loves hangin out with dad, mom and grammi at 4am. i think this child was sent from japan cuz his clocks all backwards...

Reagan and Kandi took off for a little mommy-daughter date. i had Preston all to myself. when i should have been studying for my cell bio test i chose to take pictures and play around with him a lil bit.  i LOVE this picture.  i took it cuz his feet are so precious and i love the look of having him just passed out in the background. 

Add Videoour friends are due soon... actually more like 60 days or so!  i wont say that their boy will be overdue, but he will be.  sorry hanna.  cody, this will give you did to me. 

shy of a full week and i love being a dad. nothing to be scared of... to be honest, people always say that they want to be financially secure before having a family.  i think thats not necessary as long as you have direction. i have direction; and i think you know you're ready for a baby when you are willing to have entirely sleepless nights and continue on the next day like nothing happened. 

love it!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Preston Matthew Ogle

Do you see any resemblance 
between me and my new best friend?  This is me at 2 months...
This is Preston at 2 minutes...