Friday, May 29, 2009

sorry about the dent

So I am sitting in Biochemistry and my mind is wandering.  I started to laugh to myself because of something from my childhood I remembered.  Me and my friend Chirs decided it would be awesome to write a note on a piece of paper that sad “Sorry about the dent.” Then we put it on the neighbor with the new red truck across the street.  

We set up post upstairs in his parents bedroom and waited for the neighbors to come home…. HAHAHAHA.  It was A mazing!  They walked around the truck crouched over looking intently at every inch of the body.  HAHAHA.....and now I want to do it again.  I’m sure Preston and his friend will be just as awesome as me and my friend Chris.

This is one I found online that was a bit more extreme, but funny nonetheless. 

Monday, May 25, 2009


preston is like wolverine...his claws seem to grow instantaneously, like something you see on...well, x-men.  

i was getting the house packed up for the big move and preston was like "dad if you dont take a picture of me im goina freak out like logan does." and i was like "who's logan dude?"  preston has been giving me the silent treatment ever since...

well i now remember that logan is wolverine. (and that new wolverine movie was pretty decent i thought. im not too critical of movies unless they really suck. but this one, as i said, was decent.)  i dont see how preston knew that but i will do as he required, post his pictures of some of his best moments... i am not my own man anymore...


Learning from dad. (this is my addition and preston doesn't know about it. he told me multiple times to not post it because it makes him look a lot smaller than me.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

change in title

i realized that we needed to change the name of our blog... at least for now.  this will assist people in remembering that preston is here and he is here to stay.

my goodness i didn't know we had such an entourage of followers.  some avid followers, and some occasional.  we need to hear from you folks that meander in and out of our cyber-lives, thus giving us more reason in life...or just motivation to post up the latest and greatest from the kansas home-front.  

the latest and greatest is that the Doctorate program is 100% legit. we are only in the second week, so i don't have much to report but that it feels good to be learning again after the 2 1/2 week break i had there.  because of brody's mom we took a "starting the doctorate" picture!  :)  and if you are thinking "what in the world!? matt doesn't know how to hold a baby!"  well, you sir, or ma'am are wrong.  preston loves to get a little stretch of his neck when he can.
for some of you that dont know brody, he is a stunningly handsome single utah transplant lookin for the right lady out here in kansas while doin up the DC program with me.  he runs half marathons (or will soon), and this white boy has got mad hops.  check out how high he can jump...
reagan is so good with preston, even when he's up every hour of the night just to play.  lately he has decided it is fun to barf. not only that but to put a huge smile on his face as the chunks of curdled milk rest on his lips and chin.  i will spare the curdled milk, but here is his cute lil smile.
weather is getting nicer here and that means tis time to run without my shirt and be a blinding white body to reflect as much sun light as possible...and, this just in. i am going to run the KC half-marathon.  yes.  not as great as a full, but who does full marathons these days anyway?  jess motivated me to do this, and im hoping to have her out here to join me.  with all of this i have recruited 2 other females, and ... drum roll....................... 4 other dudes!  yes, real men run half marathons.  it is going to be an amazing race.  its not till october 17th or so, which means we have time to train. maybe next year we will do the full marathon!  anybody want to join?

talking about joining.  i have multiple throngs i have created.  one being the marathon. the other being the MAC users.  i have converted 3 of you out there to make a your one big leap for your own good...hehe. i warned you ;)  the other throng i would like to create is the following of So You Think You Can Dance, aka SYTYCD for short. will you join the throng?