Monday, March 30, 2009

the way i am

i like to wake up to the smell of crackling bacon, sue me! 

you know, i realized something about myself this past week.  its kind of significant. i think that it has been brought on by my fast paced morning routine.  ill get to what im really blogging about after i tell you of one struggles ive had.  i wake up at 6:30. well, in the past i would wake up at 6:30.  I would hurry and get ready so i could make my journey to school and learn all about how thrilling organic chemistry is...BOO.  i found that i would get there FAR too early...i mean so early that i was the first one in there.  why did it take me 4 months to realize this pattern? i think it had to do with it being early and me being half out of it most the time.

i decided to wake up later, hurry my routine and get to school with 30 seconds to spare. well the first day i tried it and found out that the later you arrive to school, the further out you have to park!  so tack on 3 minutes of walkin time and you have me being 2 1/2 minutes late.  youre thinkin "oh wow thats nothin, i get to chuch 10 minutes late and im feelin good!"  well thats a lot of time in organic chemistry.... which makes me think that i want to ask a rhetorical question.  In the days of your schooling, were you late to class much? if not, are you late to church?  if yes, do you continue that today with your church attendance? if youre a smart alek and chose to answer in your head with a comment like "what can i say to throw off what hes trying to get across? .... OH!   meeh! i never went to class! how bout that!?" well, you my friend need a friend.  um.... where was i?  oh. so needless to say, i had to tweak the timing a bit.  I tweaked the timing.  Turns out leaving a bit earlier means traffic is worse.  come on! 2 minutes earlier and traffic is that much worse? so the next day i leave even earlier; traffic was good, parking was good; 5 minutes to spare.  fine. i was ok with 5 minutes. the next day i didnt go to school cuz of my previous accomplishment.

i told you all of this just so i could set in your mind the timing
 that i have set out for each day, and thus leads me to what i realized about myself.  i eat like a chipmunk. 
if youve lived with me, or even if you havent, you know that i HATE eating noises. bad things go through my head when people dont have mouth manners. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thinking about it enrages me so ill stop. i am proud to say that i havent chipmunked anything since ... this morning. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today is my due date. I was told by many people that I wouldn't even make it through February and by others that I wouldn't even make it through January. Here is the proof that I am a complete 40 weeks ... the following are pictures of my chubby face, and swollen ankles and hands.
1. I no longer fit into my maternity shirts (... or Matt's shirts for that matter). Yes, it's possible to be that huge.
2. I feel lucky when I wake up Sunday mornings and my feet still fit into my high heels.
3. People have started to look at me with worried looks as if I am wearing a sign saying "APPROACH WITH CAUTION. SURPRISES MAY POP."
4. When I do the dishes, brush my teeth, apply make-up, or eat I now EXPECT to find what ever it is (soapy water, toothpaste etc.) streaked down the front of my shirt.
5. I've gained stretch marks on my tummy ... dang it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

oh my darlin...

i am looking into new SLR cameras because baby will soon be here.  we want to be able to catch some fun time and make those classy pictures like you see all over the place. reagan has spectacular vision and i have ambitious aspiration. 

this is just something fun i found in my search.
ok- i just tried to embed the video and i guess it's not allowed by the owner so let me walk you through it... trust me its worth it

1. go to
2. type in the search -- or copy and paste this     Tilt-Shift Lens Time Lapse - Everything Looks Miniature.
3. watch video
4. be amazed

oh and another thing. i hope you all took advantage of the opportunity to balance an egg on its head this first day of spring. i know we did and it was fantastic. i looohhvved it (said like NachooooOOOOOO!)
next time to try is in september, so i will let you all know when to amaze yourselves.  youve been a wonderful crowd.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Per Request of General Grossen and His Lovely Wife

i think the best thing to do is wait until i am summoned by more that 2 people to post post post. of course i hear it from my mom all the time, but what mom wouldn't want to have her favorite son named matt post? and sure i hear it from reagan all the time, but who does what their spouse tells em?.......oooohhhh, some of you out there prolly did the things girls do, drop your mouth half way squint your eyes and say "aaaah!" well turns out i do what reagan wants. however, i didn't post when she told me too. it took a much anticipated call from General Grandpa Grossen... G-cubed... G-unit... and, as you may have guessed by the title, his lovely wife Linda.

so i guess it takes more than 2 people to get me'a postin, but i think we all know life goes on.

and here is the much awaited picture of week...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Invisible Anniversary!

Most of you know that Matt and I have a unique anniversary date, the invisible day of 3 out of every 4 years, February 29th. Most men would say, "Awesome! 3 fewer years to forget, and 3 fewer years to spend money on an expensive date." When most women would say, "Oh, so do you celebrate on the 28th or the 1st when it's not a leap year?"

Well, when Matt (and my dad) decided that the 29th would be our wedding day I made Matt promise that we would still do something special every time 365 days hit. He promised, no not on paper, but he is an honorable man and keeps his promises, here's the proof:

He let me sleep in until 10am (amazing, because I have a hard time sleeping through the night)
He made me ... uh ... brunch? And then pulled out our honeymoon videos & pictures and started to compile them into a movie for us to watch (so fun). Then he surprised me even more by pulling out a present ... the book Eclipse, the third book of a series that I've been reading! I was so happy! Once we completed all that he took me to dinner at The Olive Garden YUM! After the famously delicious bread sticks and salad, and our dinners we watched a movie. Matt held my hand the whole time, just like when we were dating. I LOVED it!

Matt would say the best part about having an anniversary on the 29th of February is that we will be able to trick our kids saying that we've only had 4 anniversaries, when really we've been married for 16 years. I would say the best part is that Matt knows how to make our invisible day unforgettable.