Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Have I told you...

have i ever told you how much i love MACs and basically everything that Steve Jobs comes out with? ps. steve jobs is the co-founder/CEO of Apple Inc. I attribute much of this to my main man Zacharias (my brother-in-law, but really actually in reality truthfully honestly he's basically my real brother). He is the one who convinced me about 2 years ago to fully make the switch. I wanted to, but i was scared. Zacharias held my digital hand. It was glorious, and here we are today.

Why do I tell you these things? ...better question would be "ummm, Matt. Why are YOU blogging." Well truth be told I've fallen off the deep end when it comes to blogging. I've decided to make a fully separate blog about all the awesome, weird, abstract, and many times obscure things that my neuronal cells create. Matt=dork. True.

So, the reason I tell you these things follows this progression...

1. Reagan got re-accepted into BYU for the General Studies Bachelor program! She will be taking all classes on line. She will somehow manage her time as a student, full time mom of an extremely needy boy, and full time wife of an extremely needy man. That man is me.

2. Here is Reagan's present I got for her today to celebrate her acceptance!
She is now the proud owner of a brand new 13 inch WHITE MacBook.

We even did a bit of chatting via the world wide web. We have already done video chat together...check it out!

yea...we were in the same room. Oh ya, I got her an iTouch as well. Why not right? Well, the APPS so far are too legit. too legit to quit. but i'm not legit, so i must quit. (Hot Rod quote for those of you old fogies out there). You'll have to ask Reagan about the most awesome APP.

3. Reagan is a super rad female of the female ... species. I love her and she deserves this.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


After much help from Michelle, we have a new camera. It's fun, sleek and naranja...

I am grateful for technology. I wish I was a very accomplished business man and had money to buy all the toys I want. I say "I" because Reagan has self control and doesn't desire the worldly things I do. I would love an iPad. I would love an iPhone. I would love a 27" iMac. Instead I buy diapers, food, and did I mention that we got a new camera?

Well I love that this camera has virtually no delay with the time it takes to turn on and snap a picture. This one advancement in technology has allowed me to capture some pretty hilarious images already.

While I was outside in the backyard getting my BBQ on, Preston decided to be EXTREMELY dramatic. I think he gets it from his mother...:)

This next picture made me laugh out loud not only when I took it, but at least 4 other times last night. HAHA. What a dork. That's my boy.