Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Oh yeah ... Matt.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dairy Free...

...and I inviteth all to come and partake of this goodness; and I denieth none that come unto me...

Friday, July 16, 2010

too much to catch up on...

Well, to start off... vote for a boy or girl--------->

To start off again, this is what me and Charlie do when we get together to study...

I take pictures like this and send them to Reagan when I get sick of studying.

Another thing I did when studying was just too much was go to Travis and Aly's wedding. They are so hott.

A week after I went to Portland for Travis and Aly's wedding we went to Colorado to pick up Josh from the airport. He is off his mission and has his life figured out...maybe...

Preston stole Josh's tag; and check out how long Preston's hair was! He is going to look back at this picture and be like, "Dad, thank you for allowing me to look so fancy fresh. You're the greatest."

We took family pictures, and this is the 4 generation pic....and this is about how organized we ever got.

I made Preston do some chores and he was very excited...

I love Colorado's sunsets...

A trip to Aunt Marty's farm proved to be exciting. Preston got to meet BB, one of the largest Holstein cows I've ever encountered.

I thought it was great to see my parents argue about their Sunday School lesson...they make a great team.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd in case you didn't know, the mullet was awesome on me...

But it wasn't as awesome on me as it is on this guy.

So, I came home to Kansas to do school. I got sick of that in a few days so I went to the pool with some friends. We were out in the sun for about 5 hours straight. My body hadn't seen sun for about 2 years... That being said, plus no sunscreen = no bueno.

After much pain and wailing, it peeled. It peeled a lot. Reagan wanted to eat it... I think. But maybe I'm mistaken.

So while I was in Kansas, Preston was straight up riding dirty in the big IDAHO! Holler.

And don't you dare try to steal Preston's watermelon. Thank you Tay for the Boise pics:)

I just think this pic screams awesomeness.

And who can deny his fresh new kicks? I say unto, no man.

Furthermore, we found an ice cream for me. It is delicious and if you tried it, you too would wish you had milk allergies...cuz if you did you could justify spending $5.99 on one pint of ice cream.

The end.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saturday Night Fever (I couldn't resist)

I know quite a few people want to know what happened. So I thought I'd write it out for you. :)

On Saturday I woke up with a fever. Matt came home from his church meeting and graciously took Preston so I could rest. Being sick and pregnant is exhausting! By nighttime I was really feeling gross and sticky. I put Preston to bed and got in the shower, then got in bed myself. Matt came to bed shortly after. He said, "Reagan, you're bright red! I'm going to get the thermometer." As soon as he left the room I felt the HEAT. Gratefully he came back with ice water, ice packs, a spray bottle, a fan, and the thermometer. My temperature was 105.1 degrees. I said jokingly, "Great, now I'll be brain dead." Very much the wrong time to be joking around, Matt looked at me sternly as he applied all the cooling devices he had gathered. I then realized the seriousness of the situation and asked for a blessing. Afterwards we watched my temperature slowly drop one degree at a time. Within half an hour after my sweet husband gave me a priesthood blessing I was at 99 degrees. We slept well that night and woke up fever free.

When I went to my prenatal appointment yesterday and I told my doctor about this fever he said to me, "I think you need a new thermometer. When someone has a fever of 105 degrees they are either comatose, or illogical and screaming in pain. A temperature like that would not have dropped to a normal range within 30 minutes. And I hate to say this but, it would have killed your baby. But as we can both see your baby is just fine, strong heartbeat, and a perfectly normal sonogram. So, you sitting here telling me this story as if you were coherent through the whole thing is unheard of and impossible. Which leads me to believe that you need a new thermometer."
I couldn't help but smile and say "Okay." While I was truly thinking to myself, "Or maybe you should look into the power of God, doctor."

Just so everyone knows, we are all doing really well now. I no longer have a fever, and I have no other symptoms of sickness (except for a small rash on my face which is disappearing). The baby is doing well also. It has two arms, two legs, a head with brains, and a strong heart. It will be making it's debut around the first of the new year (gender soon to come). Preston had so much fun hanging out with his dad this weekend, I don't think he even realized that anything was going on. And Matt, my hero, is doing very well in school, is as sweet as ever, and lives so he can hold the priesthood honorably.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Preston's excited.