Tuesday, January 26, 2010


due to public prudeness the last post was deleted.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Daunting Task

Of catching up after a vacation. Two Christmases, one wedding, and a whole lotta learning...

After Matt finished his finals he and his dad decided it would be the best Christmas surprise if we showed up to Colorado two days early. They rearranged our plane tickets so that we not only got to surprise the Ogle half but the Foote half as well! Everyone in Colorado knew of this surprise, except Grandma (Mary Jane). She was so thrilled to have us there, and that there were no returns/exchanges necessary. We got to meet Rob, go bowling, play nintendo Wii, eat delicious food, hang out with Lance, reminisce on a motorcycle ride, and have an early Christmas much to Jessica's delight! Our favorite Christmas present was getting to sleep through the night AND sleep in while the grandparents cared for Preston. OH how wonderful that was.

Our next surprise was in Idaho. We included Zach and Taylor in this surprise. They came and got us from the airport and even sang a full comical musical to lure the family to the front entry so they could all be surprised at once. Thanks Zach and Taylor! We were lucky enough to have the whole family in Idaho for Christmas, so of course we had to take family pictures. Look at all those handsome BOYS!! I'm afraid they will out number us soon!
Preston's first Christmas was a HIT! His favorite toy by far was the torn up wrapping paper. He also loves the Tonka truck, laughing monkey, little piano, rock'o'stack, books, clothes, and ALL the attention that he got and misses. Matt's Christmas wishes were fulfilled in the form of a FoodSaver, and hair trimmer. And I will dazzle the world with my new perfumes, lotions, and clothing. Again, I have to admit that my favorite part was getting to sleep through the night and sleep in, nothing short of the best Christmas present ever.

Last, but certainly not least, Jessica and Rob were married in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a fun, short, and exhausting trip! And we loved every second of it. Matt endearingly had a hard time letting them leave at the nights end (ask Matt for that story) but we loved seeing them both glowing with happiness. We wish the new Mr. and Mrs. Felt the best.

When in Utah never pass up an opportunity to head up into the mountains. We spent the rest of the weekend at Snowbird. We soaked up the sun, snow, and fresh air. The hot tub, eucalyptus steam room, warm robes, and huge showers continue to be my favorite part. Matt said the snow was nothing to get excited about, but this trip did make us realize how much we miss the mountains.

Now this all means that Preston has flown more miles than possibly any 9 month old ever has. But air miles aren't the only kind of miles this kid is getting. Check out his latest feat: