Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Soy Nog

Yes it exists. And although the texture is not there the taste is exact. Matt is happy.

The baby shower went well! It was so fun to see all baby girl stuff. These pictures are for you mom! :)

Look how handsome Matt is in his birthday dress shirt! I love it. More of a present for me I think. :)

...on another note ...
No-shave-November yet again turned into DON'T-shave-December because of finals. Once Matt had passed all of his finals he decided that STAR-burns were the novelty of choice. I have to say ... they were pretty sweet, but I'm grateful they only lasted two days.

We bought a new car!! For a few months now we have been searching for something a little bigger than the Focus, and, lets say ... something that is a bit of an upgrade from the Mountaineer. Well, we finally found it! And it's my Christmas present ... I'm so happy! Matt flew to pick it up on Monday, and met his dad for the drive back.

Matt was grateful for the company.

(And Preston is grateful for the treats having a grandparent here brings.)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Howdy Howdy Howdy

The Toy Story viewing is beyond human ability to count. Preston has figured out how to turn on the TV, and PS3 himself. He loves Buzz and Woody, and honestly I'm glad he likes them instead of Barney. I will, and have done everything in my ability to save this child from Barney. I threw away another book today that somehow showed up in his bookcase. (sorry if you were the one who gifted that Barney book, but it has found a better place to rest...alone...) And as always, I have digressed....

So, we set up our Christmas tree just yesterday!

We had to move the piano to make room for the Tree. Reagan has a high pain tolerance. She didn't even cry when I smashed her hand between the wall and piano, nor did she complain as I went to get the camera in stead of helping free her hand. What could she do? She was stuck!

We had Uncle Brody come over, or as Preston says "Blolodee" and join us in the 1st annual Christmas tree set up.

It was thrilling. We decided to get a real tree because we will not be going home to CO or ID for Christmas. Reagan is scheduled to have the baby on December 29th. My closet of clothes escapes me 2x as fast now because of her ginormousness amongst men. (I just read Reagan the last sentence and she made a sad face and said "ohhhh....its truuue...")

I think I may have mentioned before about Preston's superb use of the word "No". Well I have some documentation included in the following video that you can enjoy. I love his little voice. He also impressed me so much with his reading that I had to put that on there too. I was hangin out with him in his room and he brought me a book with cars and trucks in it, and then proceded to tell me which car was fast, slow, big, small, full, empty.....I went and told Reagan. Apparently that was old news...

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Preston was really excited to blow out the candles on Matt's birthday brownies, so Matt let him. It was very cute.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

We are very grateful for the wonderful family we have and for the home that we have here in Kansas. Here are pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner...

Matt and I had a romantic dinner during Preston's nap time. Although Preston has experienced two Thanksgivings this was the first that we was old enough to eat the true turkey dinner. So once he woke up and tried it he voted it out ... WAAAAYYY out. He only likes the rolls.

After dinner Matt's job was to finish carving the turkey ... well it turned in to a dissection. He found the traditional wishbone, and the less traditional spinal cord, brachial plexus, and multiple vertebrae. What a biological doctorate student :)

Preston has been so happy to have dad home from school. He really loves his daddy. No one else can get Preston to laugh quite as hard as Matt can.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adding to the noise

I haven't posted in a while...hmm. Well, this is as good as it gets right here.

Preston is pretty much a big boy now, and he enjoys throwing his face on the floor, along with his body...but mostly his face. I'm not sure why but I think it may have something to do with a sister changing event...something er other. Besides being an occasional punk, he's still pretty rad.

It's fun for me to see the things he picks up on without me teaching him, but that also makes me nervous. The other day I was fixing our back door. After examination I realized there was nothing I could do to fix it. This whole time Preston was rollin around at my feet thinking he was being a big helper. I said "hmmm, that sucks." Then I looked down and saw Preston put his finger to his lip and say "Hmmmmm, et suts" Yeaaaaaaa, it was pretty hilarious...yea, I'm a bit more careful now. I don't want Preston to be "that kid."

I'm pretty excited about school right now and the different people I am working with. Preston seems to be picking up the role of the family chiropractor pretty well. He is my prodigy child...

I should add...The video is called Preston Thompson because the adjustment technique that Preston used with the leg check is called Thompson Technique. Yes Preston's name is still Preston Matthew. Come on.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


As Thanksgiving is approaching I can't help but count my blessings. Not only is Thanksgiving a day to concentrate on what we're thankful for, be with family and friends, eat lots of food, bundle up, drink apple cider, have roasting marshmallow nights ... but it is also a time of year that holds a very special place in my heart for many reasons. Yet, there is one reason that stands out above all other reasons.

Just after Thanksgiving break was when, as a sophomore at BYU, I was FORCED (not really, although I acted like it) to memorize a boys phone number that I didn't know at the time I would remember for the rest of my life. I was bought at a service auction for way more than expected by that same boy. I was asked to the Christmas Devotional, two of my favorite things, by that same boy who would be my favorite forever. I remember after these first few encounters with Matt I talked to my mom about this handsome and very persistent young man.
She told me, "OOO! He is SOOO going to hold your hand at the Christmas Devotional!"
Our first date?!? I was shocked. "No mom. Of course he won't."
Well ... mom's are always right ... and I am glad. Thanksgiving is my time to be extra grateful for the wonderful man, husband, and father to my babies I am so lucky to have in my life.

While it is fun to reminisce ... first date, first kiss, proposal night, wedding day, first apartment ... I am WAY more excited for everyday that is yet to come with Matt. At this time of year I can't help but be thankful for that persistent young man who became a husband who will forever make me laugh, smile, feel fearless, feel strong, and feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

Sunday, November 7, 2010