Friday, April 30, 2010

Turn up the Volume

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Be ready to be AMAZED.

I've been accosted multiple times via text message, email, phone call, even face to face encounters about my lack of blogging. For this lack I truly apologize, but I would like you to know there is good reason for my neglect. :) Here's to you frequent and adamant blog followers!

First things first... lets get caught up on Preston's achievements:

Next to celebrate the first year of Preston's life! YAY!!

Now for the Easter egg hunt and other hilarities:

And last but certainly not least some spring time fun with Daddy:

We found out that Preston is allergic to milk (sad day). Thankfully he loves almond milk. Preston has figured out how to come down the stairs all by himself! Sometimes it takes a lot of coaxing, but he manages to do it all by himself in the end. Matt just finished his third trimester/first year of the doctorate program!! Get this ... his GPA is a 3.5! So very very proud of him. For a "First Year Graduation" Celebration I bought Matt AVATAR on blu-ray. LOVED IT! Matt is on break now, and we haven't figured out what we will do. He has told me many times that sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing sounds just as appealing as traveling/vacationing. I have been preparing to speak in church this coming Sunday, I hope it goes well. The weather here has changed to drippy, dreary, and COLD! We're hoping our summer-like weather will be back soon.