Sunday, December 5, 2010

Howdy Howdy Howdy

The Toy Story viewing is beyond human ability to count. Preston has figured out how to turn on the TV, and PS3 himself. He loves Buzz and Woody, and honestly I'm glad he likes them instead of Barney. I will, and have done everything in my ability to save this child from Barney. I threw away another book today that somehow showed up in his bookcase. (sorry if you were the one who gifted that Barney book, but it has found a better place to rest...alone...) And as always, I have digressed....

So, we set up our Christmas tree just yesterday!

We had to move the piano to make room for the Tree. Reagan has a high pain tolerance. She didn't even cry when I smashed her hand between the wall and piano, nor did she complain as I went to get the camera in stead of helping free her hand. What could she do? She was stuck!

We had Uncle Brody come over, or as Preston says "Blolodee" and join us in the 1st annual Christmas tree set up.

It was thrilling. We decided to get a real tree because we will not be going home to CO or ID for Christmas. Reagan is scheduled to have the baby on December 29th. My closet of clothes escapes me 2x as fast now because of her ginormousness amongst men. (I just read Reagan the last sentence and she made a sad face and said "ohhhh....its truuue...")

I think I may have mentioned before about Preston's superb use of the word "No". Well I have some documentation included in the following video that you can enjoy. I love his little voice. He also impressed me so much with his reading that I had to put that on there too. I was hangin out with him in his room and he brought me a book with cars and trucks in it, and then proceded to tell me which car was fast, slow, big, small, full, empty.....I went and told Reagan. Apparently that was old news...


Mary Jane said...

Thanks for the fun pictures! I love your tree, it is very pretty and festive. I love how Preston tries to blow out the lights!
I don't know how Reagan is going to go 3 more weeks! She looks great!
Preston is sure growing up fast. I am impressed with his reading abilities.

Taylor said...

Holy Moly. I love the way he talks!! Ahhh...I wish we lived closer to each other. Miss you guys! Love ya.

Lauren said...

Cutest. Manchild. Ever. He's growing up so fast. I miss him. And you. And Reagan. are going to explode...but it's cute! Love you, Ogles!

The Griner Family: said...

I must say that Tate was very impressed with the ball that Preston was holding! Beautiful tree!

Shaylee said...

What a cutie! I can't believe how big he is already and how close you are for round 2!!!

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