Thursday, November 25, 2010


Preston was really excited to blow out the candles on Matt's birthday brownies, so Matt let him. It was very cute.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

We are very grateful for the wonderful family we have and for the home that we have here in Kansas. Here are pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner...

Matt and I had a romantic dinner during Preston's nap time. Although Preston has experienced two Thanksgivings this was the first that we was old enough to eat the true turkey dinner. So once he woke up and tried it he voted it out ... WAAAAYYY out. He only likes the rolls.

After dinner Matt's job was to finish carving the turkey ... well it turned in to a dissection. He found the traditional wishbone, and the less traditional spinal cord, brachial plexus, and multiple vertebrae. What a biological doctorate student :)

Preston has been so happy to have dad home from school. He really loves his daddy. No one else can get Preston to laugh quite as hard as Matt can.


Mary Jane said...

I love it! The box monster is amazing. I love everything about this post: the box monster, Preston's laugh, Preston's excitement, the candles, the dinner, the disection! You have such a cute family. I am Thankful for all of you!

Tyler and Carisa said...

So cute! Preston is such a big boy!!! I wish I could see you all soon.

Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving!!

Jeff and MJ said...

VERY FUNNY! The simple things in life are always the most enjoyable!

Thanks for sharing

Dad Ogle

PS: What was in the box from Wal-Mart. I couldn't read it since there was a twist monster in it?

Matt said...

In the box? Oh, it was just the worlds largest bottle of Dr. Pepper. Are you jealous?


Seriously though, it was Preston's memory foam springs=less injuries. :)